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Connecting Content Creators With Brands Across the Globe.

The Fluuid platform allows streamers, vloggers, and social media creators to earn from their content, while simultaneously partnering them with a variety of brands from around the world.


Changing the game for content creators of all sizes.

Whether you’re looking to earn a little extra on the side, turn your hobby into a career, or add a new brand deal to your existing full-time career in content creation, Fluuid can help you accomplish your goals.

The age of Television advertising is over. Brands want to work directly with content creators on platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming (among others!)

Fluuid gives creators of all sizes the opportunity to work on brand campaigns with ease. Our platform allows chosen brands to seamlessly integrate display ads into your broadcasts and videos. You can see examples of this on the right!

Sign up to the Fluuid platform and have campaigns delivered directly to your inbox. Earn from viewers seeing ads, clicking on promoted links, and purchasing endorsed products.


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Earn from viewers seeing your ad or clicking on your custom link

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Why Fluuid?

We are dedicated to working with small, medium, and large content creators. We believe that everyone should have the chance to monetise their content if they choose to.

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