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Coca-Cola Partners With Mindfuture for Ad Campaign in Turkey

Mindfuture World welcomes Coca-Cola as an advertising partner in December 2020.

In December, our campaign with Coca-Cola will launch specifically in Turkey. In the build up to Christmas and the New Year, we will be collaborating with Coca-Cola to market three of their marquee products in the region.

The campaign will begin with Coca-Cola classic, before moving on to Sugar-free and eventually Coca-Cola Energy. With each iteration featuring different animations, graphics, and text. 

Our in-house design and marketing team has created multiple variations of animations and graphics for each product in collaboration with Coca-Cola in Turkish and English. These assets will appear in-stream and on social media for the selected creators that will take part in the campaign.

In addition, all of the creators on the campaign will receive a care package from Coca-Cola with over 100 different bottles and cans of Coca-Cola.

Having recently completed global campaigns with the likes of Razer, Kaspersky, and KFC, Mindfuture is delighted to welcome another industry leader into our growing list of clients. 

Stay tuned to the website and our social channels to keep updated with our ongoing campaigns and work with partners.

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Our platform makes the process simple and easy, with Influencer Managers on-hand to give you assistance whenever you need it.

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